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Exhibition of Photography “Women’s Marches: Visual Capture of a Movement”

来源:贴心姐妹网   更新:2019-03-08 21:05:34   作者:贴心姐妹网
Exhibition of Photography “Women’s Marches: Visual Capture of a Movement”
To mark International Women’s Day, the Women and Gender Studies Institute, University of Toronto, the DG Ivey Library at New College, University of Toronto and lovingsister.com will jointly launch an exhibition of photography documenting three Women’s Marches by journalist and photographer Yafang Shi at the DG Ivey Library, New College, on March 8, 2019 

The Exhibition will launch on Friday, March 8, 2019.  Professor Judith Taylor of Department of Sociology and the Women and Gender Studies Institute, University of Toronto will moderate a Q & A panel with the photographer featuring conversations with panelists Ann Rauhala, Associate Professor, School of Journalism, Ryerson University, and Kavita Dogra, the Founder of We Talk Women and co-chair of the organizing committee of the Women's Marches in Toronto. 

Curated by Hu Yang, an award-winning photographer and curator, the exhibition’s 56 photographs give voice to Yafang Shi’s desire to highlight the intersectional diversity of issues and participants that crystalized into the massive marches of 2017 and 2018 in Toronto and of 2019 in Washington D.C.. 

Yafang Shi’s work on the Women’s Marches has previously been exhibited at the Markham Public Library and the Markham Doors Open event with the theme “Towards a Fair and Just Society”.  

“On January 21, 2017, directly after the inauguration of President Donald Trump in the United States, feminists globally embarked on the creation of the largest political assembly of people in history,“ notes Professor Judith Taylor in the foreword she has written for the exhibition. “The march, now in its third year, has become a way for citizens to voice their displeasure with what a Trump presidency has wrought and to galvanize local, ongoing feminist campaigns that preceded Trump around the globe.” 

“Yafang Shi’s photography is incisive and iconic, capturing the incredible diversity of concern and participant alike, and the triumph and pain of political expression. Shi’s photographs ensure longevity of protestors concerns, and rumination on demands well after the streets have been cleared.  “ 

“I hope that the images and voices from the marches serve as a catalyst to spark conversations and inspire actions for transforming the world into a better place.” says Yafang Shi, a resident of Aurora. 

“Women’s marches reflect local unique concerns and common global issues as well. As a
journalist, I will continue following the movement in different parts of the world in the coming years, and I will continue exhibiting the images and presenting the voices from the movement in difference parts of the world. “ 

I have been advocating that photographers should pay attention to society, discover social issues and make a difference through photography. As a journalist and feminist Yafang Shi has followed, covered and visually captured the women’s marches for three consecutive years. Her photography on women’s marches is very meaningful to the social reality and valuable as historical visual documentation.” Says Hu Yang, the curator of the exhibition and resident of Newmarket. 

The launch of the exhibition will be held from 6:30–8:30PM on Friday, March 08, 2019 featuring a Q&A panel with the photographer beginning at 7:00PM. Refreshments will be served. The exhibition will be on display from March 08 – March 22, 2019. 

为纪念国际妇女节,多伦多大学妇女和性别研究所(Women and Gender Studies Institute)、New College图书馆 ( DG Ivey Library at New College)和贴心姐妹网将于3月8日在New College图书馆联合推出媒体人、摄影人施雅芳连续跟踪拍摄三年女性大游行的摄影展。
摄影展将于3月8日开幕。多伦多大学社会学系、妇女和性别研究所Judith Taylor教授将主持“和摄影人对话”专题研讨会,出席专题研讨会的嘉宾有怀雅逊大学新闻学院的Ann Rauhala教授和 We Talk Women创办人、多伦多女性大游行组委会共同主席Kavita Dogra。



 ”2017年1月21日,在美国总统特朗普宣誓就职的第二天,全球女权主义者举行了人类历史上规模最大的政治集会。”  Judith Taylor教授在为展览撰写的前言中指出:“已进行了三年的女性大游行,成为了公民对特朗普执政后果表达不满的途径,并激励了在特朗普上任前就在全球各地进行的女权主义倡权活动。”



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