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Culinary Traveller Cookbook Launch Party 2019 December 5th,7:00pmto8:30pm Join us in celebrating another great year of The Culinary Traveller with our Cookbook Launch.Socialize, share your favourite Culinary Traveller stories, and pick up your copy of our fabulous new cookbook featuring deliciousrecipes we have created together from around the world. In partnership with theYork Region Food Network. All are welcome! Please feel free to invite your family members and friends. Register or drop in! Rhobi Jacobs rjacobs@aurorapl.ca 905-727-9494 ext 239 Event Type: Special event Location: Living Room Area ...


在安大略省伦敦市,卫生当局 Middlesex-London Health Unit 星期三发布了今年冬季的第一份流感监测报告。报告说,从 2019 年 12月15日到 2020 年1月4日,伦敦地区的流感呈上升趋势,已经导致 1 人死亡,23人 被送进医院 报告还说,自 2019 年 9月1日到现在,伦敦地区已经出现过两次流感疫情爆发,总共造成 2人死亡,28 人被送进医院。 当地卫生 ...


一项新研究发现,人工智能 (AI)可以像放射科医生一样准确地检测出乳腺癌。 由美国和英国研究人员进行的这项研究于1月1日发表在《自然》(Nature)杂志上,研究显示,谷歌的人工智能系统可像放射科专家一样,通过筛查乳房X光影像来发现哪些女性患有乳腺癌,而且误诊率低于医生。 这项研究表明,人工智能系统可以以与放射专家类似的准确度来识 ...

The great Christmas tree debate: Is it better to buy a real tree or a fake one?

It’s the holiday season again, and in the midst of making to-do lists and prepping for festive dinners, some people will once again ponder whether it is better for the environment tobuy an artificial Christmas tree or to opt for the real thing. It’s a good question to ask. We’re in the midst of aclima ...


刚刚过去的周末,加拿大谈论最多的恐怕就是周六结束的美国网球公开赛,卞卡·安德烈斯库创造历史,拿下了加拿大第一个大满贯冠军。 加拿大19岁的新秀安德烈斯库(Bianca Andreescu)以2:0击败了美国网坛传奇塞雷娜·威廉姆斯。两局的比分是6比3,和7比5。 一年前,安德烈斯库甚至没有进入美网公开赛的及格赛。本赛季之前, ...

Lendery at Markham Public Library's Milliken Mills Branch

The Lendery functions like a library, however instead of signing out books, visitors can borrow non-traditional items they need, but will use infrequently. "From tools, to sports equipment, toys and more, if you're looking for something, chances are we have it," says Markham Mayor Frank Scarpitti. "M ...


萨斯喀彻温省上诉法院星期五(5月3日)下达判决,裁定加拿大联邦碳税没有违反宪法,属于联邦议会的管辖权范围。萨斯喀彻温省长斯科特.莫(Scott Moe)表示将向加拿大最高法院提出上诉。 他还说,萨斯喀彻温人和其他地区的加拿大人还会在今年十月的联邦大选中用选票表达自己对碳税的意见。 加拿大联邦环境部长麦肯纳(Catherine McKenna) ...


Maternal Mental Health Day recognized in Toronto The City of Toronto has officially proclaimed May 1 as Maternal Mental Health Day in Toronto. Maternal Mental Health Day is an international day that aims to raise awareness and eliminate the social stigma associated with perinatal mental health. Approximately one in fiv ...


Toronto Public Health statement on undiagnosed viral pneumonia in China Toronto Public Health has recently been informed of cases of undiagnosed viral pneumonia being investigated by health authorities in the city of Wuhan in central China, associated with a local live seafood market. Chinese authorities have engaged the Wo ...

How to make holiday gift-giving eco-friendly — and more meaningful

Katherine White,University of British Columbia There’s always one on the list — the person who has everything and is notoriously hard to please. That person has likely also received some terrible gimmicky gift, just so that they have something to unwrap. It’s time to put an end to it. Don’t buy the novel ...


p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 11.0px Helvetica; -webkit-text-stroke: #000000} span.s1 {font-kerning: none} Meteors Now and Again Credit: S. Molau & P. Jenniskens (NASA /Ames) 如果天气好、天空可见度高,加拿大东部和中部地区的民众星期四晚上可大饱眼福,因为天穹会出现罕见的密集流星雨。 高密度流星雨是当 ...

Spending two hours a week in nature is linked to better health and well-being

Mathew White, University of Exeter The idea that spending recreational time in natural settings is good for our health and wellbeing is hardly new. Parents have been telling their kids to go play outside, it’s good for you for generations. Now, colleagues and I have published a study in the journal Scientific Reports which ...

尼亚加拉地区一人患麻疹 到过万锦一餐馆和加油站的人士需留意

Measles exposure in York Region Niagara Public Health is currentlyinvestigating a travel-related laboratory-confirmed case of measles in a Niagara Region resident. This case visited two locations in York Region while contagious. Individuals who attended any of the following York Region locations during the identified times li ...


Spring is in the air in York Region From a tranquil ferry ride to bustling Farmer’s Markets, there’s so much to experience in York Region this spring. The sweet sound of birds chirping in the air, the rush of the spring thaw and nicer temperatures can only mean one thing - spring is in the air in York Region! We su ...


空气污染是世界上最大的杀手之一,每年造成的死亡人数超过营养不良、疟疾、艾滋病或酗酒和吸毒的死亡人数。 有一系列新研究表明,空气污染在不断加重,而且对健康有着更长久的影响。 今天,美国肺科协会发布了年度 空气状况 报告,发现 43% 的美国居民现在生活在空气质量差的地区,比上次调查的人数多出了7百万人。 总体而言,世界卫生组织估计 ...
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