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—— Tiziana Knox在奥罗拉公共图书馆分享的创业及人生故事
来源:贴心姐妹网   更新:2018-06-11 08:28:51   作者:Tiziana Knox
我的英雄之旅—— Tiziana Knox在奥罗拉公共图书馆分享的创业及人生故事



Editor’s Note: On April 19, four entrepreneurs shared their stories at the Aurora Public Library. Tiziana Knox, the founder and educator of Aptus Learning, was one of the four speakers. She is also the co-ordinator of the Newcomer Women's Meet-Up organized by the library. Below is the script of her speech that night. )


编者按:今年4月19日,奥罗拉公共图书馆邀请4位企业家分享他们的创业和人生故事,Tiziana Knox是其中的一位。她也是奥罗拉公共图书馆每两周一次的女性聚会的协调人。以下是她当晚演讲的内容。


Tonight I am going to talk to you about The Hero’s Journey. Has anyone heard of the Hero’s Journey? I have and you have – and WE ALL WILL – continue to - experience The Hero’s Journey.




Before I walk you through my Hero’s Journey, I want to share with you some background information. My parents immigrated to Canada in the 60s, in their early 20s. My parents came to Canada with a 4-year old and a toddler – that’s me in the yellow dress and here with my sister when I’m a bit older. Both my sister and I started school not knowing a word of English.






And although my father was very proud of his Italian heritage, all I wanted – was to be what I perceived to be Canadian, which was English or Anglo-saxon. I wanted so much to be Canadian and everything that went with it. One way I did this was to devour books written in English. I would read and re-read the few books we had, and then take out more books from our local library.







My favourite thing to do as a child, was to play school. I would pretend I was the teacher and my younger cousins would be my students. I would design lessons based around books that I borrowed from the library and prompt my “students” to answer questions and learn spelling. There were comprehension questions and thinking questions - although at the time I didn’t know they were called that. My “students” weren’t as dedicated to learning as I was to teaching. But that didn’t stop me, that only made me work harder to prepare lessons that were interactive and fun.



I tell this story because I’m going to come back to it. Life leaves us clues of who we were meant to be. Often, when we look back, we can see patterns developing.



What is the Hero’s Journey? The Hero’s Journey was first identified by American scholar Joseph Campbell. If you haven’t heard of him, maybe you know the famous quote, “Follow your bliss and don’t be afraid, and doors will open where you didn’t know they were going to be.” 


什么是“英雄之旅”?“英雄之旅”这个词最早是由美国学者Joseph Campbell提出的。如果你没有听说过他,你可能知道他的一句名言:“跟随你的梦想,不要感到恐惧;在你不知道它们将打开的情况下,门将为你打开。”

Sound familiar? The Hero’s Journey appears in drama, storytelling, myth, and religious ritual. It appears in “Star Wars”, where young Luke Skywalker doubts his abilities to be a Jedi Master. It appears in Paulo Coelho’s famous novel, “The Alchemist”, where the boy crosses the dessert in search of his treasure. And, most importantly, it appears in psychological development. According to Campbell, we all have our own hero’s journey that we need to experience, and it is through this journey that we realize our potential and become who we were meant to be.


听起开是否感到耳熟?“英雄之旅”出现在戏剧、故事、神话和宗教仪式里。它出现在《星际大战》中——年轻的路克·天行者怀疑自己是否具备成为绝地武士的能力。在保罗·科埃略(Paulo Coelho)的著名小说《牧羊少年奇幻之旅》(又译为《炼金术士》, “The Alchemist”)里——那个少年穿越沙漠寻找珍宝。而且,更重要的是,它出现在心理发展过程中。根据Campbell的说法,我们每个人都会经历自己的英雄之旅。……这个旅程让我们每个人意识到自己的潜力以及成为我们注定要成为的人。


The Hero’s Journey goes like this. The Hero has to leave his/her Ordinary World where everything is Known and comfortable, past the Threshold to what is Unknown and uncomfortable. In the Unknown, there are Setbacks and Obstacles, and finally a Transformation. 




After the Transformation, the hero emerges from the Unknown back to his/her Ordinary World to reintegrate into his or her community with new skills (called the Elixir of Life).


转型之后,英雄从不熟悉的世界回到他/她的平凡世界,带着新的技能(名为“灵丹妙药”) 重新融入他/她的社区。


The Ordinary World, for me was when I was married and I was a mother. I had my Early Childhood Diploma so I started running workshops for Child Care Centres and Nursery Schools. I also ran children’s programs right here at the Aurora Public Library. Life was good. Why should I complain? But, I couldn’t help feeling that there was something missing. I really wanted to be a teacher  - to teach - as I had done in my childhood with my cousins. In the Hero’s Journey, before we set out of our comfort zone, we may feel some Reluctance because of living in the Known, which is comfortable.




Then there is the Separation. Separating from the Known to the Unknown can go one of two ways: You can go willingly or you will be pushed out. You can probably relate to this. The feeling of being pushed out could have happened when a relationship ended for you, or you lost your job, or you moved to a new country.


然后,是脱离。与熟悉事物的脱离,进入一个不熟悉的世界,你可能经历两种形式中的一种:你是心甘情愿的;或者是被迫的。 你们是不是也有类似的经历?你感到是被迫的,这也许发生在一段个人关系终结的时候,或者,在你失去一份工作的时候;或者移居到一个新的国家的时候。


My push came in the form of the end of my marriage. One day, which at the time seemed out of the blue, my husband decided to leave our marriage of 10 years. At first I was shocked and very upset, but by being pushed out of what was comfortable and known, I discovered that the idea of going back to school to become a teacher was now pulling me harder than before - as if I had no choice.




Going back to school was uncomfortable to say the least. It was like being lost in a big ocean. I was 38 years old, a single mother and enough self-doubt to sink a boat. My own mother couldn’t understand why I didn’t move into her basement and focus on raising my child. I was overwhelmed and I wanted to give up !




I did finish my degree, but I ran out of money and couldn’t continue Bachelor of Education which would allow me to teach. The consolation prize was a fabulous job in non-profit, helping newcomers to Canada (as my parents had been) find employment in Canada. I designed workshop about the Canadian Workplace Culture, I helped them create resumes and coached them for their job interviews, I felt so valued and I wanted to stay there. I was tired and this job suited me so well - you can say it was comfortable. 




According to Joseph Campbell, one of the things that appears along our journey when we are about to give up or when we get comfortable again is the Benevolent GuideCan you recall someone in your life that nudged you along? or believed in you when you did not believe in yourself?


根据 Joseph Campbell, 当我们想放弃的时候,或者当我们再次感到舒适之时,一个人物会在我们的旅行中出现:那就是“善良的向导”。你能想起在你生活中一直在轻轻推动你的那个人,或者在你不相信自己的时候相信你的那个人?


Like Yoda who appeared to Luke Skywalker when he was about to give up or the Good Witch appeared to Dorothy when it was time to go home, the Benevolent Guide appears when we need him or her most. You probably heard Paulo Coelho’s quote: “When you want something; all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”


就如路克·天行者想放弃时的尤达,或者是 Dorothy回家时出现的好女巫,在你最需要他/她的时候,“善良的向导”会出现。你很有可能听过保罗·科埃略的名言:“当你需要什么的时候,整个宇宙密谋帮助你获得。”


My benevolent guide was a man I met at work, who later became my new husband. He was thinking about going back to school to get his Bachelor of Education (the certification that I left behind). So, the two of us went back to school!








And as it is with the Hero’s Journey, nothing is easy. When we graduated from school, the job market was tight. I had to go work for a small private school instead of public education that offered good salaries and benefits. There I quickly became the English Department head and got certified to be a Guidance CounsellorI ran programs for my students on my own time in: English Enhancement, Note and Test-taking strategies, Time management, and Goal Setting.




That’s when the Transformation happened for me. I realized what the fit was. My students got better grades from participating in my programs and therefore, what I was teaching really worked!




From the transformation, the hero receives the Elixir of Life. this is the skill you gained and the belief in yourself of your potential. As Glinda says to Dorothy: “You’ve always had the power!”




So when I Reintegrated into my society. I did so with my husband, and we started a business called APTUS LEARNING.


And, just like the hero, our students work on their skills, to take responsibility for their learning, both which help them to get better grades and better options for post-secondary education.


因而,当我重新融入社会时,我和我的丈夫一起,我们创办了一家名为APTUS LEARNING的公司。




What we need to know about the Hero’s Journey:

It’s not easy;

It will be uncomfortable;

You will feel inadequate and alone;

Fear is a sign that you are headed in the right direction;

And lastly, it is worth it!



1. 并非坦途;

2. 让人感到不适;

3. 你会感到自己的不足和孤独;

4. 恐惧是你走向正确方向的迹象;

5. 最后,这很值得!


After all - Joseph Campbell said: “The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.” So, follow your dream !! Pursue what you truly Desire !! And Good Luck (to you) on your HERO’S JOURNEY !!


然而, Joseph Campbell 说过: “生命的特权是成为你注定的那个人。”因此,跟随你的梦想!!追寻你真正想追寻的!!祝你们的英雄之旅顺利!!


(All photos are supplied by Tiziana Knox

所有图片由Tiziana Knox提供

Chinese translation by Yafang Shi


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